biochar bucket

Filling a bucket at BakersBiochar
(purchased buckets will be filled to the top)

$55.00 (free shipping)

Bakers Biochar can be shipped right to your door! Our innoculated Biochar is sealed tightly in a reusable and recyclable 5 Gallon bucket that makes it easy to spread. We fine grind our Biochar to make it the absolute perfect size for your needs, then we mix the biochar 50-50 with high grade compost for inoculation of the biochar.  That makes it ready to use for your planting needs. So wait no longer! Click Buy Now below to purchase the product that you’ve heard about, read about, and are now convinced that you can’t live without…






1 Gallon bucket from Baker's Biochar

1 Gallon bucket from Baker’s Biochar

$20.00 (free shipping)

Alright so not everyone needs the big 5 gallon bucket! Perfect for the small garden and farm, our new 1 gallon bucket is just the right size. Our Biochar is mixed 50-50 with high grade compost for inoculation. Same as the 5 gallon, our inoculated Biochar is tightly packed in a reusable and recyclable 1 gallon bucket and sent right to you. Don’t waste time in deciding which size you need! Give our 1 gallon bucket a try and, once our product has changed your life, come back and buy more! 



Please contact us if you are interested in smaller quantities of innoculated biochar.  We also have raw biochar available in 1 quart or 5 gallon quantities.