Joe Baker and a bucket of Baker's Biochar

Joe Baker and a bucket of Baker’s Biochar

Hi my name is Joe Baker and I am the second eldest of Mark and Jill Baker (bakersgreenacres) sons. I grew up on and live on the Bakers Green Acres farm and stillwork next to my dad and brothers and sisters every day. In the summer, I oversee our chicks that we raise, butcher and sell ourselves. We’re also in the hog business and have around 80 pigs that I feed and help manage. All the manure and Biochar we spread for our garden, provides us with an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies that can last all year round.

I have continued on from what my dad started with Biochar and now am proud to be making and selling it at the farm. I’ve been burning Biochar since the fall of 2013 and, after purchasing an oil drum, have created my retort and gotten serious with learning and understanding about the process.  Now, I have become thoroughly convinced of the great quality and effectiveness of our Biochar and I can’t wait to share the knowledge with others. Baker’s Biochar is now up and running and we are very excited to see it take off!




Biochar is available from Baker’s Biochar. Please contact us by
phone (231-942-2486)
e-mail bakersbiochar@gmail.com or hit Buy Now to order your “Black Gold.”