Chickens Love Biochar

We have put biochar out for the chickens in two ways, both of which they seem to like.  One way is to mix it into their feed.  There are never leftovers, unless there are pieces too big for them in the mix.  The other way is free choice, either in a separate feeder or sprinkled directly onto clean bedding. Chicks line up on the char, scratching, pecking, and generally enjoying a party of sorts.

So why give chickens Biochar? Well when you feed the Biochar to your chickens it will actually inoculate inside them. Biochar acts as a sponge for all the good bacteria, vitamins, and minerals in an animal’s system. All those nutrients end up in their manure which is exactly what you need for good healthy soil.

Ever heard of Coccidiosis? Coccidiosis is a parasite that attacks an animals intestinal lining and damages it leading to a slow painful death. Animals that have this disease cease to thrive or grow right, become pale and listless and bloody diarrhea follows. This parasite is easily spread and can come from  other infested flocks, birds in the wild and even by us humans stepping in their poo and taking it with us. Let’s just say not something you want hanging out at your farm.When chickens ingest Biochar it absorbs that bad bacteria/parasite and dispels it. Even if your flock doesn’t have this or any other disease, supplementing them with Biochar is a great preventive against a kind that might fly your way.



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