how to milk a cow

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The farm is in it’s restful winter mode, but we haven’t been.  We just realized that it’s the middle of February!  We are making the schedule for this coming year and are looking forward to seeing you.  The Pastured Poultry weekend classes, Hog Harvest classes, and Permaculture and Soils class are up on the course schedule.  We are still working on a couple of new classes and some one day classes.  Those should make an appearance very soon.

Last summer proved too busy with our legal wranglings to get the online videos done.  We hope that this summer won’t be so busy and we can complete one or two of those.

Check out the new class dates!  Check back for more information soon!

The Homestead Cow

Mark had the job of milking for a week while Sam was on a fishing trip.  He took the opportunity to make some videos while he was waiting on the cows.  Here are the links to the series:

Homestead Milk Cow: Introduction  

How to pick your cow


The milking parlor

Calving and calf care

Understanding Herd Shares