A city boy (Mark Baker) from Massachusetts who's learned a thing or two about farming and pigs.Mark Baker began his farming career while still employed full time in the U.S. Air Force.  He and his family have raised produce and animals to sustain themselves as well as to sell for over 17 years.  When he retired and moved to Michigan in 2004, Baker’s Green Acres become a full time occupation.  With a focus on raising animals on pasture, he has centered production on pastured poultry and on heritage pigs.  He is a vocal proponent of locally produced food and the use of sustainable production methods.  Mark feels strongly that consumers have the right to eat wholesome, farmer direct food.  Most recently, Mark has taken on Michigan’s DNR to be able to keep his rights to raise heritage breed hogs on his farm.  In order to turn the lemon of a situation into lemonade, he decided to create Anyone Can Farm Academy as a means of encouraging as many people as possible to “farm.”  He firmly believes that if everyone grows something–even if it’s as small as lettuce in a window planter–we can all eat healthful food and enjoy more food security.


JillJill Baker’s experience with farming began on her grandfather’s farm and in her mother’s garden.  Now that she is the mother of 8 children, she feels strongly about nutrient dense food.  She practices her belief that the best food is grown and processed yourself.  She supervises the garden and vegetable preservation, packaging processes in the butcher shop, and churning of butter and making of cheese.  The farm’s blog provides an opportunity for her to share some of this knowledge and to give readers a peak into what life on a farm is like.



007Joe Baker is the manager of farm operations in the summer.  He’s grown up feeding and watering the chickens, pulling weeds, and building fences.  Whether it’s building chicken tractors, processing a sheep or goat, gathering and pickling ramps, or canning garden produce Joe enjoys eating food he has grown and preserved.  He believes in self-sufficiency, dabbling in alternative heat and energy systems in his spare time.



a7Sam Baker has also collected eggs, milked the goats or cow, and picked vegetables since he was a little guy.  Besides helping raise and process chickens and hogs, he takes care of and milks the dairy cows.  Sam is also the “video guy.”  He is the one who edits and posts the farm videos.  If we encounter “technology difficulties,” Sam is the one we call.