Hog Harvest

It’s cooling off and that means hog killin’ on the farm.  Traditionally, chickens were a summer meat and the hogs and cows were butchered when the nights got cold enough to cool the meat and kill the flies.  At the same time, the pastures the cows and pigs were on were depleted and their bodies had naturally stored up fat for the winter, so the time was right.  If you’re into self-sufficiency, the next step after raising the animal is knowing how to put it in the freezer or meat locker.  Homestead Hog Harvest will do exactly that.  You get the benefit of the whole farm experience while you learn, hands-on, how the take a hog from the pen or pasture to the smoker and freezer.  We’ll feed you a great deal of pork and teach you how to cook the whole pig, from snout to tail including the organs.  You can stay with us free of charge in the bunkhouse, where there is heat and a hot shower available.  Check it out on the Calendar page, and see how previous classes fared: Hog Harvest 1, Anyone Can Farm facebook page.

Hope we see you here!

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