Fun with chickens

Chickens are fun!  Not only can you watch them chase bugs, scratch in the dirt, dust bathe, and fight over a juicy worm, you can “hypnotize” your chicken.  The boys’ preferred method is to put the hen’s head under her wing and then swing her in as large a circle as your arms permit (don’t spin your body, just turn your arms in a circle in front of you), the bigger the better.  After about 15 circles you can set her gently down and she’ll stay there.  The length of time varies, but she’ll be there a few minutes at the least.  Once the hen sat overnight on a fence post!

Here’s a funny article I came across on the same topic.  It’s a fun read and might help you occupy those long, lazy summer evenings with your birds.

How to Hypnotize a Chicken

Hypnotized Chicken.jpg

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