Cheese Party

Here’s your chance!  For all those times you’ve thought it’d be fun to learn how to make mozzarella and just wanted someone to show you, now’s the time.  June 7, at the Anyone Can Farm bunkhouse, starting at 9:30, we’re going to turn some of our Baker’s Green Acres milk into a few quick cheeses.  It’s just a friendly gathering of a few folks to enjoy a real food process.  I’m planning to help you (we’re all about hands-on) make mozzarella, feta, and queso blanco/paneer cheese.  If we have opportunity, we may start some kefir and yogurt, too.  All these milk products are easy to make at home with a few ingredients.  Donations accepted to cover costs.  Bring something to share for lunch.  There is limited space in the kitchen, so let me know through the Calendar page or by e-mail if you are coming.

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