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Pastured Poultry Course Intro

Wondering what you’ll learn about Pastured Poultry?  Check this video out:

Anyone Can Farm – Why Anyone Can Farm Video

ACF Video on IGG

Welcome to Anyone Can Farm.  Listen as we discuss why and how you can learn to farm and grow your own food.

Hog Harvest Days Pictures and Follow Up

The weekend started out Friday afternoon with students arriving in 1′s and 2′s.  They were dressed in warm clothes but excited to see what was in store over the next 2 1/2 days.  It was a sunny day and the temperature was in the low 40′s.  Perfect weather for what the day was going to bring.  After a briefing and a get to know each other time, we discussed what each student wanted to get out of the weekend.  With smiles and excitement, we moved over to the farm and started the process we were there for.

The day continued with the group processing 2 Hogs and walking through the steps to harvest, scaled, de-hair and prepare the animal for cutting up.

Dinner was wonderful with everyone sharing stories and tasting the wonderful farm raised foods that everyone brought and prepared.  That night, some stayed at local hotels, some right there at the Anyone Can Farm Lodge, and a few brazed the elements and camped outside.

Saturday we proceeded to learn more about how to cut up the hogs from a chef.   The chef had a hog half and each of the student groups got a half to cut up also.  It was a time of learning and experimenting on how to best part up the hog so that the best cuts of meat could be used for charcuterie.  The students also got to see the farm and how everything works to prepare the specialty hogs for charcuterie.

Saturdays meals were fantastic.  Jill and the kids prepared a wonderful selection of vegetables and meat with everyone full to the brim after a hard days work.

Sunday was another beautiful day with the sun shining and the temperature perfect for preparing the charcuterie and specialty sausages.  The chefs taught everything from how to sharpen the knives, to which part of the hog is best what pork product, to the fine art of charcuterie.

As the day progressed, everyone would make comments about how much they learned and how awesome it was to listen from these incredible chefs.  At the end, a collective realization came over them as they realized that “Anyone Can farm”.

Hugs to all those that attended Hog Harvest Days.  Great times and memories.


Hog Harvest Days

Bakers Family Pic

Charcuterie is the art and science of preserving meat. Pork is especially suited for this purpose. This is your chance to learn how to process a heritage hog from oink to ham with Mark Baker, farmer, and Aaron Butts, Executive Chef of Joseph Decuis restaurant where he has been turning Mangalitsa pigs into fabulous charcutered products. At this hands-on offering on our working farm, you will have the opportunity to learn:

*How to feed and care for a hog for optimal charcuterie processing.


*How to slaughter a hog on-farm, including scalding and scraping.

*How to use seam butchery techniques so you won’t need a huge meat saw.

*How to utilize many of the organ meats.

*How to make your own lard and sausages.

*How to cure your own bacons, hams, and other cuts.

Take home meat and some tools available for sale.

Cost: $250/person for this 2 1/2 day event, with lunches and dinners provided.

Date: November 2-4, 2012

Get more information or RSVP by calling 231-825-0293 or emailing
Remember, anyone can farm


Welcome to Hog Harvest Days

Picture 152

Welcome to Anyone Can Farm! Our firm belief is that anyone can grow food to feed themselves, to one degree or another. What is lacking is the know-how-to that will ensure our food security and independence for the future. Anyone Can Farm’s mission is to provide hands-on learning opportunities to overcome that barrier.


October 28, 29: Chicken processing

This class starts on Sunday evening with dinner, then you’ll be in the thick of it with the crating of the chickens for processing the next day. Bright and early on Monday, you join our crew in the butcher shop. You’ll get to rotate through all the positions so that at the end of the day you’ll be able to fully process a chicken. The afternoon will be spent learning how to cut and pack chickens, focusing on utilizing the whole bird. Cost is $75.00 and includes Sunday dinner and Monday lunch. Please e-mail or call 231-825-0293 to sign up for this event.

November 2-4: Hog Harvest Days

The goal of this class is to provide you with the ability to kill, scald and scrape, cut, and preserve a whole hog. It will be taught by farmer Mark Baker, who has been farm killing hogs for over 10 years. He raises these hogs in a specific manner to enhance their quality for charcuterie, which is the art and science of meat preservation. He will walk you through the slaughtering process, including scalding and scraping the hide so that the rind is preserved. Mark will also be teaching you how to seam butcher a pig to prep it for making cured meats and sausages. He will be teaching you how to use all the parts of the pig, including the internal organs, sausage making, and an introduction to curing bacons and hams.

Class starts at 1:00 on Friday November 2nd. We will be jumping right in, so come dressed to be outside and get dirty. On Saturday, the 3rd, we will be cutting the carcasses into primal pieces and working with the internal organs. Sunday, the 4th, we’ll be focussing on making sausage and curing the larger pieces.

Dinner will be provided Friday, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and lunch on Sunday. Sorry, we can not provide housing, but can assist you in finding lodging in McBain or Cadillac.

Cost is $250.00 for the three days. Please use Paypal or e-mail or call 231-825-0293 to reserve your spot.
Pork, tools, and books will be available for sale.