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Little Artshram and Baker’s Green Acres/Anyone Can Farm will host a free introductory lecture and potluck on Sunday, December 7th, from 5:30-8:30 pm with Dan Kitteridge of the Bio-nutrient Food Association. We are pleased to bring this free lecture about bionutrient food production, with an opportunity to consider and prepare for a two-day training course later in February.

The introductory lecture and potluck will take place at the Anyone Can Farm bunkhouse in Marion, Michigan and will allow those gathered to meet Dan Kitteridge, the founder of the Bionutrient Food Association, to ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of growing more nutrient rich foods and the ways in which we can return to growing nutrient dense food in our gardens and farms. Please RSVP the FREE Introductory lecture and potluck by contacting us.

Following the introductory lecture in December, the 2-day workshop is scheduled for Feb. 21st and 22nd, also being held at Baker’s Green Acres.

In the February workshop, you will learn how to detect and understand the unique advantages and limitations of your soil and your crops, as well as the interactions between your plants, soil, and air. You will learn how to grow better food, and help heal the environment and nourish humanity. And the best part? Bionutrient rich food just tastes better!  This evening introduction will prepare you for the class later this winter.

As Penny’s O’k CSA Cooperative garden-farm sites were “put to bed”, we also took time to take a soil sample from each in order to fully participate in the upcoming Bio-Nutrient Food Association’s crop production workshop, which will take place after this lecture as an intensive 2-day workshop Feb. 21st and 22nd, and will focus on principals of biological farming, identifying deficiencies, vital health in the field and care-taking crops thru the season. Registrants will be expected to procure their own soil tests as desired, and instruction for interpreting those will be covered during the workshop. You can follow this link about soil testing at the Bionutrient website.

Please bring a dish to share, and plan on a fun, informative evening with friends and neighbors who care about growing good food and eating good food!

For directions to the December potluck/lecture and February workshops contact us:

To REGISTER for the 2-day workshop, Feb. 21-22:

Sign-up online here:

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