“Anyone can cook!”  says Chef Gusteau in the movie Ratatouille.  Mark Baker says, “Anyone can farm!”

When Mark became embroiled in a dispute with the State of Michigan over whether or not the pigs he’d raised since birth were “feral,” he looked for a positive outlet for the negative energy.  People have come to Baker’s Green Acres for years for top quality chicken, pork, beef, and eggs.  Along the way, many people also came to find out how to raise their own healthy meats and vegetables.   Mark realized that teaching people to raise their own nutrient dense, nourishing food was the best way to give back to everyone the good that the farm and so many generous people had given to him and his family.

Mark and his wife Jill have been “farming” since 1995 when they planted their first small garden on the back of their lot in Great Falls, Montana.   Since then they have added 8 children, many and various animals, and several moves to their experiences.  They now farm with their family in Michigan on a historic 80 acre farm.  They specialize in livestock, but believe in a traditional, permaculture system so that everything contributes to the farm ecosystem.  That belief has led them into compost, biochar, vegetable and herb gardening, and meat and vegetable processing.  Another part of that belief is that farming, though it can be intricate and academic, can be done by anyone on a scale that fits their lifestyle.

At Anyone Can Farm, we define “farming” as growing proteins or carbohydrates.  If you are growing something you can eat, you are farming!  We believe hands-on is the best way to learn, so we’ve put together a curriculum using Baker’s Green Acres as a laboratory.  Students will learn by hearing, seeing, and doing.  They have opportunity to experience the whole farm as they learn about soil or chickens after helping milk the cows or pick greens for lunch.  The teachers will be people who do the thing, whether it’s plucking  chickens or double digging a vegetable bed.  We understand that we live in a technological age and that not everyone can travel.  Since our goal is to get as many people feeding themselves as possible, we will offer on-line video classes as well.

Check out the courses, see what interests you, and come for a class.  We’d love to have the chance to help you have your own great tasting, nutritious food.


We can be contacted at:
Anyone Can Farm: America’s Farm to Fork Academy
Mark & Jill Baker
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Marion, MI   49665
or at www.AnyoneCanFarm.com

Come join us in the quest for great food and great community!