Bio Char 101/201 – How to make “Natures Black Gold”

ACF BioChar
May 17, 2013 @ 8:00 pm – May 19, 2013 @ 9:00 pm
Bakers Green Acres
1579 Brinks Road
Marion, MI 49665
Mark & Jill Baker

Course Includes:  Basics of Bio Char, How it’s Created, Benefits of Bio Char and Carbon Sequestration, The Many Applications of Bio Char, Retort (Bio Char Kiln) Construction, Proper Raw Materials, Inoculation of the Bio Char, and Syn Gas explanation and Use and Firing of a Retort. If time permits we will be covering Rocket Stoves and Mass Rocket Stove.

This class starts on Friday evening with dinner, followed by a pasture walk and first fire (The basic understanding of Bio Char and heating/fire principles)


Bright and early on Saturday, you will work in groups burning an existing retort, how to build one and cover the many aspects of Bio Char.  Saturday afternoon you will learn about materials, bio char inoculation and syn gas.  Saturday night is filled with fun and excitement as the group enjoys a Night Burn of the “Triceritops” retort after dinner with the Baker Family.

Sunday we will process bio char and learn more about inoculation and applications in animal feeds and in growing healthy soils.  This will lead into Permaculture design and sustainable farming/gardening application where bio char is best utilized. The course ends around 4pm.
Build a Retort in the Class – If you would like to build your own Bio Char Retort in the Course, you can offer to have the group build yours right in the class.  You only need to pay for materials at approximately $80.

Cost is $499 and includes an invitation to Friday dinner, all meals on Saturday and Sunday with the Baker family.  Please e-mail or call 231-825-0293 if you have questions or click the link to sign up for this event.  Young adults/teens between the ages of 14-18 are $275 when accompanied by a legal guardian or family member.

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