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The Bakers: Kyle, Dorothy, Joe, Keith, Sam & Rusty, Mark, Rachel
The Bakers: Kyle, Dorothy, Joe, Keith, Sam & Rusty, Mark, Rachel

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Welcome to our farm!  Our farm is based on the premise that healthy animals, raised on pasture in the sunshine and fresh air, produce high quality, flavorful nourishment.  The process is based on natural systems, making it more ecologically sustainable.  Since fresh food is higher quality, we get our meats as direct-to-you as possible.  We’d like to introduce ourselves, make our products available to you, keep you up-to-date on new products and changes on the farm, and provide an exchange of information on farming and sustainable living.  Check out our blog page, and check back for new articles!

We are a small family farm set in a larger farm community in beautiful northern lower Michigan.  Local food, sustainably grown, is something we value and promote.  Pasture, the product of sunshine and soil, is the basis of our meat production.  Our chickens are raised on pasture for as much of the year as our northern climate permits.  Our goats, both meat and dairy, are also on grass and browse pastures from the first tender buds of spring to the bitter end of fall.  Pasture enables us to raise healthier, happier animals that result in the best tasting, highest quality meat possible.

Our farming experience started in Montana on 13 dry acres.  We started with raising our own food: chickens for meat and eggs, turkeys,  a large garden, milk goats, rabbits, pigs, and beef cattle.  My horse added to the menagerie.  Tongue-in-cheek I named us “Green Acres” after the old show as Mark had no previous experience with animals and here we were raising everything possible!  We came to see that self-sufficiency meant using natural means rather than chemicals.  As we learned about the benefits of naturally raised food we decided to pursue that avenue.  When we moved our growing family to Michigan we decided to join the local, sustainable food community.  Our family of eight all contribute to the operation of our farm, from helping process the beans, corn, cabbage and other

Goats and sheep graze spring grass near the compost piles.

garden produce to milking the goats, picking up eggs, and feeding the chickens to building fences and processing chickens.  We raise our animals on grass as much as possible.  Pasture raised animals have a reputaion for being higher in the vitamins supplied by the sun and fresh, green grass, especially vitamins E & D and cancer fighting Omega-3 fatty acids.  The fresh environment also produces meat with superior flavor and texture.  We have a MDA licensed and USDA custom exempt inspected processing facility on farm so that we can process our own animals as stress-free as possible.  We have experimented and developed our own brine, sausage, and hotdog recipes that do not contain MSG or synthetic nitrates.  We’ve sought to develop a farm where our children can run and play and grow

Joe making saurkraut from our cabbage.

without worrying about chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers on the grass they wrestle in or the tomatoes they eat fresh from the garden.  We welcome folks who value the best quality food and food that will build their bodies to partner with us in this venture.

We can be contacted at:
Baker’s Green Acres, Inc.
Mark & Jill Baker
1579 Brinks Rd.       
Marion, MI   49665
the blog page at

Come join us in the quest for great food and great community!