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This is a listing of everything we make.  Not everything is always available and some things are only available through the Farm Exchange buyer’s club.  For up to date availability and for easy ordering, click on the link above.  You can order as a guest, or create an account if you are planning to order more often.

Our products & services include:

Pastured poultry (whole and various cuts available)

Smoked Chicken

BJ’s Cowboarding

Grass fed Beef

Mangalitsa Hogs


Farm Exchange Membership has its privilages!

Custom Meat Processing (chicken, goat, sheep, rabbits).

Compost and Biochar

Farm tours

To place an order, follow this link: FarmMatch.  Upon receipt of your order, we will update it with exact weights as we fill it.  Specify UPS shipping, delivery, or on farm pick-up.

Naturally raised Chickens

Moveable "chicken tractors" grow happy, healthy broiler chickens.

These are the North’s tastiest broilers chickens, raised on our pasture and processed in our shop on the farm.  They enjoy a diet that is free of antibiotics, growth stimulants, and animal by-products. The feed is GMO free.  The fresh green grass they live on through the summer adds sun-based sources of Vitamins A & D and Omega-3’s into their diet.  We process them in our MDA approved on-farm facility to minimize stress on the birds.  All cuts are vacuum packed.

All prices are cost per pound.

Whole Chickens (specify if you want 3-4 lb. or 4-5 lb. birds): $4.50/lb

Fill your freezer: 15 or more birds (specify size): $4.20/lb.

Cornish Hens (2.5-3.0 lb: $4.50/lb

Bone-in breast: $5.99/lb

Dark meat: leg/thighs, thighs: $5.10/lb

Drums: $4.50/lb

Boneless, skinless breast: 10.50/lb

Boneless thighs: $7.98/lb

Wings: $2.40/lb

Ground Chicken: $6.18/lb

Tomato Herb Chicken Sausage  This sausage features fresh tomatoes and herbs for a light, flavorful sausage that improves any dish and can stand on its own as a main dish!

Stew package: (back, breast bone, neck-generally 10-20 lb. bag)

Hearts/ Livers: $2.00/lb

Gizzards: $4.00/lb

Feet: $1.50/lb

Bone Broth: $3.00/half gallon, frozen

Stewing Hens(check for availability):

Didn’t see a cut you are looking for?  Just ask as we can make about anything you might need!

Smoked Chicken

This is a fall treat!  Pre-order in August for September/October availability.

Our own tasty smoked chicken, brined in our own recipe and hardwood smoked so it’s juicy and tender.  A slightly pink color in the fully cooked meat shows that flavorful smoke.  When we tried the first one, it looked like a cartoon where all the characters descend on a beautifully roasted brown bird and when they back off nothing is left but a stripped carcass.  Whole birds make a great holiday treat.  Legs & thighs will feed your hungry eaters a tasty lunch or a healthy, quick snack.  Our tasters say:

“This is the best chicken I’ve ever eaten in my life!”  LaVerne Miller

“I just can’t stop eating this stuff!”  Kyle Baker

“It was fantastic.  The flavor went all the way through.  Sometimes it’s just on top in the skin, but this had flavor all the way to the bone.”    Joel Clark

“The meat was absolutely succulent.”  Mandy Clark

Whole chicken:$5.50/lb.

 If you have questions, please contact us by e-mail:, or phone: 231-825-0293.

You can order at

BJ’s Cowboarding Dairy Cow Herd Share

Real milk is no longer something Grandpa and Grandma drank as kids.  Raw (“real”) milk is milk the way it was created to be, a complete package deal tailor made for bodies to benefit from.  Properly handled milk, harvested in sanitary conditions and properly kept in refrigeration is one of the safest food products, statistically, that farms produce.  In Michigan we can not sell you raw milk.

We have teamed up with an organic dairy, BJ’s Cowboarding, to enable you to own a share of a cow herd so that you can enjoy the real milk your own cow gives.  We serve as contract agents for BJ’s Cowboarding, who maintains and cares for the herd.  The cows are kept under certified organic rules.  The milk is routinely tested to ensure its wholesomeness.  It is provided to you by Joe and Brenda (the farmers) just as the cow gave it.

Here’s how it works: you will need to purchase a share of the herd.  A share is approximately equal to one gallon of milk per week.  You can purchase as many shares as you want and as are available.  This is a one time purchase.  BJ’s Cowboarding will care for your share of the herd, making sure the animal(s) are fed, milked, and otherwise kept healthy.  For this service there is a monthly room and board fee based on how many shares you own.  For example, if you want one gallon of milk per week you will need to purchase one herd share.  From that point you can pick up your gallon of milk (the produce of your share of the herd) every week and pay the monthly room and board fee.  That’s the nutshell version.  If you want to know how to make your milk into your favorite milk products, we’d be happy to teach you!

When you contact us, as agents for the farm, to let us know you are interested,  we will send you the contracts to review.  Once the contracts are signed and you have become the proud owner of part of a dairy cow herd, you can begin nourishing your body with real, creamy milk.

Buy your share of a dairy cow herd and begin enjoying creamy, real milk!  Become a Farm Exchange member and make it a “one-stop-shop” for your dairy, meat, eggs, and seasonal produce.


Grass fed Beef

We are working with BJ’s Cowboarding to provide you with tasty, low fat, pasture raised beef.  The beef are raised on the same organically certified pastures the dairy cows graze.  The animals move to new pasture daily to make the most of the natural growing cycles of the grass and alfalfa. Cows were made to eat grass as their diet staple, not grain.  The cows stay healthy  and happy as they rotate through the fields.  They only get the grains that grow in the fields–the natural ones that are a whole food, harvested by the cows themselves.

Currently we have ground beef available in 20# increments, but will be adding more cuts soon.  Let us know if you are interested in a whole, half, or quarter.

Available by the quarter, half, or whole in the fall.  Reserve yours soon!

Some cuts available. 

Steaks:  Sirloin

Roasts: Sirloin tip


Mangalitsa Hogs

This is a unique offering.  These are Mangalitsa cross pigs and represent the ultimate in high end pork as well as survival food.  They have lots of lard and very tasty, red meat.  We plant pastures for them, so a share of their feed comes from forages.  The lard is lighter and reportedly lower in saturated fats than standard hog fat.  Properly rendered, it makes a tasty substitute for butter in many dishes.  From a food storage standpoint, we can show you how to preserve the fat and prepare hams and bacons yourself.  Available by the half or whole in the fall.

Mangalitsa Hogs are a fat-type hog prized for the premium quality of the specialty sausages and hams (prosciutto) that  it can produce.  The fat of an acorn finished hog is renowned for its low saturated fat quality and its usefulness as a food dish in itself.  Our hogs  are raised to maturity on dirt and grass to promote the best in flavor and texture in the meat.  They are finished on a small-grain diet, which creates the fat desireable in charcouterie.  We will have a small group of premium quality hogs finished on acorns, making them comparable to the Spanish Iberico hogs. Finished hogs weigh between 250 lb. and 300 lb.  Carcasses are scalded and scraped and include the head and hooves.  Prices are for carcass hanging weight and do not include delivery, please call for a quote.

Reserve your hog for this fall with an e-mail or phone call and a deposit!

Whole or Half: $4.50/lb

Roasting pigs: $4.50/lb

If you have questions, please contact us by e-mail:, or phone: 231-825-0293.


A Barred Rock rooster, a heritage breed, struts his stuff. Our hens are fed a wholesome diet that excludes GMO grains, antibiotics and animal byproducts.  The hens are out in the pastures in the summer, eating grass and catching bugs as they were meant to do. They receive alfalfa meal during these winter months to keep their eggs full of the goodness of green.  You can see this in the orange color of the yolk.  Eggs laid by “pastured” hens such as ours have a reputation for being lower in cholesterol and higher in Omega-3 fatty acids.  Eggs are good for 100 days under refrigeration, and ours are available to you as fresh as possible so that they are the best quality.

1 dozen:  $3.50  Currently available only for Farm Exchange members.

1 dozen: $5.50 (Co-0p with Morganic Farm, Kingsley, MI)

1 dozen duck eggs: $5.50 (Co-0p with Morganic Farm, Kingsley, MI)

Farm Exchange

You don’t have to own a farm to have a piece of one!  This is an opportunity for you to be part of the farm!  By purchasing a share in the farm you gain access to the farm’s storehouse.  This is where we keep our for sale beef, chicken, pork, eggs, and any other produce.  We will also offer complimentary products from other farms so that the storehouse can be as full as possible for you.  You will receive an e-mail with member exclusive product updates, sales, and bargains.  You can utilize your share in small chunks by stopping by each week, or by placing a larger order that we can have ready for you when you come.  You will be the first to know, via the e-mails, about bulk purchasing of beef and pork (buying whole or half animals).

The Farm Exchange is not a store.  It is not open to the public.  It is members only.  We call it an “Exchange” because we are offering to exchange our farm fresh, wholesome food for what you have.  We have values posted on or near products.  Normal exchange will be for U.S. funds.  By arrangement, we can also exchange for goods or services.  Please discuss with us if this is of interest to you.

Because this is a private arrangement and it’s success depends on the reliability of our members, we do have an application process.  We encourage and reward good referrals because we believe you know best who you would trust to have as a fellow shareholder.  We also encourage group purchases if you have a friend or two who would also like farm fresh food but live some distance away.

Please e-mail or call if you want to be a part of the farm.  We will e-mail the application and arrange a farm visit so you can enjoy your farm fare!  You can initiate the application process by following this link (FarmMatch) and ordering a Farm Exhange membership.

If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail:, or phone: 231-825-0293.

Custom meat processing

We are able to process your chickens, turkeys, rabbits, goats, and sheep in our shop.  We are MDA licensed and USDA custom exempt inspected.  We do vacuum pack larger animals. Poultry and rabbits go in freezer bags but are not vacuum sealed.  All packages are labelled with the cut, weight, and date.

We will add you to our schedule when you call.  We receive your birds or rabbits on Thursday evening and have them ready for pick-up on Friday evening.

Call to schedule your birds or small animals!

Chickens: $3.50/bird   (over 6 lb. dressed is $4.00, over 8 lb. dressed is $4.25)

Cutting and vaccuum packing available on request.

Turkeys: $8.75 up to 20 lb. (add’l $0.25/lb over 20 lb.)

Ducks: boneless skinless breast only: $3.00

Ducks: whole, skinned: $6.00

Rabbits: $5.00 each

Goat and Sheep (fall only): $70.00

Other outlets

Besides direct off the farm, you can acquire our chicken in several other outlets:

Willow Mercantile, Cadillac, Michigan

Port City Organics, Manistee, Michigan

Sawall’s Health Food Store, Kalamazoo, Michigan

If eating out, you can support restaurants who buy local farm food:

The Cook’s House, Traverse City, Michigan

Martha’s Leelanau Table, Sutton’s Bay, Michigan

Epicure Catering, Omena, Michigan

Compost with Biochar

Our compost is made from our own chickens’ and cows’ manure mixed with wood chips and other organic materials.  Most of our compost has biochar mixed in so that the char is innoculated and ready to use.

1 yard: $50.00

Our son Joe is the biochar producer, and he is offering it raw (not innoculated).  The char needs to be inoculated for a minimum of one week before planting in it.  The longer it is in your soil or compost before using, the better inoculated it will be. :

5 gallon reclosable bucket (can cover up to 1050 ft.): $50/bucket

3 gallon bag: $35/bag

1 gallon bag: $12/bag

Biochar is useful for your animals, too!  It acts like activated charcoal for your animals, pulling toxins out and buffering their digestive system so that they can function more efficiently.  We sometimes use innoculated biochar, which has the added benefit of adding beneficial bacteria to the animal’s system.  You can read more about it at

Anyone Can Farm

We are happy to grow food for your, but also believe that anyone can grow some food to feed themselves.  We offer classes through our Anyone Can Farm program.  You can find out more about it at    This season we have Pastured Poultry and Hog Harvest classes scheduled.  We also offered courses in Biochar and Introduction to Permaculture and Soils.  Contact us to sign up for a class!  If you don’t see what interests you, please let us know as we are planning to add new classes.

If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail:, or phone: 231-825-0293.