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There is something about food and life. I just finished an amazing book, The School of Essential Ingredients, that reminded me of that. In telling the story of a chef, Lillian, and her cooking class students, Erica Bauermeister weaves a story of real food and real life that leaves the reader inspired to slow down in the kitchen, think about the food we create, and ourselves as the essential ingredients of life.

A few excerpts:

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Besides the fabulous Mangalitsa pork, flavorful pasture raised chickens, and super eggs that we offer, you can get real milk (not the chemically and mechanically altered stuff) from real cows from us.  Here’s some information on raw/real milk from a couple of friends of ours.  Mark McAffee has a large raw dairy in California and has spearheaded the movement there for raw milk.  Kelly the Kitchen Kop has a website where she has amassed a world of information on real food and healthy eating.

Benefits of Raw Milk Benefits video with Mark McAffee


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For those who are wondering about buying a half or whole Mangalitsa hog and what the particulars are, here is some information:
Mangalitsa pork chop
This is a typical Mangalitsa breakdown of cuts:
jowl bacon (4-6 lb.s)
Boston butt roast (bone in or boneless)
picnic roast or lots of sausage
pork chops  (10-13 lbs. +/-)
bacon (usually 10 lbs. +/-)
spare ribs
ham: ham steaks or bone in hams or boneless hams (7-9# boneless ham, 12-15 lbs. bone in ham)
leaf lard (3# +/-)
backfat lard (the cap covering the loin; typically 2-4 inches thick, about 6#)
bones & head for broth
breakfast sausage
organs if you want them (heart, liver

Mangalitsa carcass: belly/bacon and loin.Generally the halves run 120# “on the rail” (ready to cut).  If you take the lard and bones you’ll get almost all of that weight.  The average weights above are for a half.  Just double it all for a whole pig. So, at $3.00/lb., a half would run $360 +/- based on the actual weight, plus  about $30 for the smoking:  about $390/half.  Or about $780 for a whole pig. These are approximate, estimated amounts!

WHOLE pig pictureThe Mangalitsa is a fat type heritage pig.  What that translates to is nicely marbled cuts, a good deal of lard, and beautiful, beefy red meat with lots of flavor.  If you want a half or whole, please put a deposit down by mail or through our online store.  I will contact you for cutting instructions and pick-up or UPS delivery.
 We do have some cuts available and will be restocking by the end of January, so please check back!

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There are rumors out there, to which there is a bit of truth.  We are thinning the Mangalitsa herd and selling pigs.  As in the previous post, these would make a great Christmas present for the farmer or bacon eater in your life–even if that person is you!

Mangalitsa pigs in winter.We have mature sows, boars, gilts, barrows of all ages and sizes available.  These are not butcher hogs, but ones that are for breeding or raising.

Weaner pigs are $75 sold out till spring, when price is $150 ea.

young gilts: $375

young boars: $375  sold out till spring

Mature sows and boars: $500

Mangalitsa sow with piglets on pasture.Heritage breed Mangalitsa pigs on pasture.These pigs have been raised outside on grass and dirt their whole lives.  The sows have farrowed outside without problems.  Mangalitsas are great winter pigs.  They handle the cold well with minimal shelter and bedding.  They are an even tempered pig, easy to handle.

Call (231-825-0293) or e-mail if you are interested in live animals.

Butcher hogs are $3.00/lb., which includes basic processing.  Bacon and ham are a bit extra. This is a great time to fill the freezer with fabulous pork!

Mangalitsa pork chopIMG_3469The butcher hogs have been raised on pasture, hay, and small grains.  You can have “nitrate free” cures for bacon and ham.  This is the perfect pork for making bone broth, lard, and enjoying red, well marbled pork.  The Mangalitsa is a heritage pig renowned for producing copious amounts of premium quality lard and wonderfully red, flavorful meat.  If you haven’t tried it before, now is the time!

You can reserve your half or whole, or order the cuts you want, from the website!  We can ship via UPS to your door or you can pick your order up and see the farm.

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DSC04451This year we decided to have our first annual hog sale!  It’s a tradition with the big butcher places around us and this year we decided to offer you a healthy option.  Butcher hogs are usually $4.50/lb. of hanging weight, which includes basic processing.  Reserve your hog in the month of December, and you can get a whole or half hog for $3.00/lb., plus $0.75 for bacon and ham.  Cuts available from a hog include jowl bacon, ham or ham steaks, pork chops or Canadian bacon, roasts, sausage, lard (these are “fat pigs”), and bones for broth.  It’s cut your way for your needs.  This is a great way to fill your freezer with some GMO free, pasture raised pork, or give the gift of healthful food to someone you love.


Mangalitsa pigs enjoying winter sunshine.These all weather pigs are great for raising through the winter, so this is a chance to get a head start on next summer and give a gift that gives back: a pig!  We have several from this summer that are prime for growing and will be ready to butcher sometime next summer.  These pigs handle the snow and cold fine and can grow on almost any feed you can find.  Makes a great gift for the aspiring homesteader ready to step up or the experienced hog grower ready to try a heritage breed of pig.

Heritage breed Mangalitsa pigs on pasture.


Of course, you can just purchase your holiday ham or bacon for Christmas morning on the website!  You can come see the pigs for yourself and pick up your meat on the farm, or we can ship it to you via UPS (just order it before you check out).

Merry Christmas!

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