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Here’s a couple videos of fun on the farm.  Note that no little boys or pigs were hurt in the making of these movies.  The boys got a bit cleaner, but no harm was done otherwise.


Have a great day!

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We have the movie available for you!  On the right hand corner there is a button where you can donate to help us cover the final costs for this version of the movie and help the farm as we struggle to recover from the ordeal.  The story isn’t over yet.  Our elected officials (Democrat and Republican) want your support in November, but we need to make sure that they will work for the people who elected them (you and me) rather than the bureaucracy.  To do this we need educated voters.  Hogwash encapsulates the experience of one citizen who stood up to the Powers That Think They Be.  This isn’t party politics, as this situation started in a Democrat administration and was continued in a Republican administration.  This is about right and wrong.  People vs. political machine.

Help us share the story.  For every $25 donation to help produce the movie and keep the farm going, we’ll thank you with a copy of Hogwash.

Thanks for hanging with us!  Thanks for taking a stand, and remember that the ballot box can be a means of accountability.  Spread the word!


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Things are always changing around here, every season has new and different things going on.  This month we are launching a new ordering system.   Our products are now easily ordered from our storefront by using the button on the right.

FarmMatch is a system designed to connect real food buyers with real food sellers.  They provide an ever improving storefront platform, including secure credit card checkout with very competitve rates, to help farmers put their products out where consumers can easily purchase them.  That connection is helping hundreds of farmers improve their sales and is helping many hundreds of consumers find healthful, wholesome food.  Follow this link to read their Mission statement and what FarmMatch is all about.

We are very excited to partner with FarmMatch and it’s creators/designers.  We know founder Max Kane personally and can vouch for the fact that this farmer/consumer connection platform is designed by real people in America (you won’t talk to someone in India if you call) who actually use the system themselves.  Max operates a buyers club wherein he connects farmers from Minnesota with consumers in the Chicago area.  As the operation has grown the group has added new features and functions constantly to answer the needs of the broad spectrum of farmers and consumers out there.

For example, we have several pricing structures in our storefront to allow us to have an open store for anyone who wants to order, but also have a menu for our Farm Exchange members with the products and prices that are unique to members, and another one especially for our Dairy Herd Share owners–all in the same system.  This will make it easier for you to order what we actually have, and improve our efficiency in the office (where, by the way, most farmers hate to be just by the nature of things).

We expect that, with this easy to follow set of instructions, transitioning to the new system will be smooth, but glitches happen now and then.  If you have product questions, call or e-mail us.  If  you run into technical difficulties, e-mail   There are buttons to take  you to our storefront on this front page, on the Products page, and on the Farm Exchange page.

Thanks for your support as we make these changes to improve our service!


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Our Great Pyranees dogs are one of the best investments we’ve made on the farm.  They are friendly (sometimes too much) but protect our chickens.  The first summer we had her, Lilly saved us almost twice what we paid for her in chickens not lost to predators.  And now we have puppies!  Three of Lilly's puppies nap in the sun.

IMG_7654 IMG_7673 Kids and puppies!

The girls, Lilly & Minnie, and Obie are patient with our kids and let Frank play with them as any good 3 year old will.  But they like to play, too, and Obie has lots of personality–especially when Sam gives him eyebrows.  He likes to get up high to survey his domain, though getting on the picnic table usually spells trouble!


Frank and Minnie

Obie surveying his territory.





If you are interested in a puppy, or just want to love on one, let us know!  They will be ready to start going to their new homes on September 25.





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Constitutional Sheriff Richard Mack addressing talking about the role of a sheriff under the Constitution.We had a fabulous day for the Constitution Hall gathering in July.  About 275 folks made it to the farm to hear Sheriff Richard Mack, eat some good food, and enjoy some time on the farm.  Unfortunately, KrisAnne Hall was unable to make it as her flight was rescheduled until too late to attend.  However, Sheriff Mack shared with us (hear his whole talk here)  the importance of holding our elected officials, and unelected bureaucrats, to a Constitutional standard.  The local government, especially the Sheriff, has the Constitutional ability and right to stand between the citizens and a power hungry state and federal government and provided a check and balance.   There is not room for “interpretation” within that because interpretation is subjective and tends to lean the way of power and money at the expense of you and me.   The men who penned the Constitution were well aware of how that worked.  They had enumerated the losses of liberty they’d suffered under King George when he denied them their British citizen rights 10 years earlier in the Declaration of Independence.  I’d encourage you to watch KrisAnne Hall’s you tube video on the history of the Constitution because it underscores the critical necessity of maintaining those rights, “at any cost.”  Mark successfully defended our right to farm because the Constitution protects private property, protects us from unreasonable fines, and protects us from capricious and subjective laws.  If you desire good quality, wholesome, health promoting food or just desire to have your children and grandchildren enjoy the freedom and opportunities you’ve had, it is imperative that you refresh your knowledge of your rights and learn how to wield that sword.

When approached by a government official you have certain rights:

1)      They need a warrant to search your private property, and they may only search the areas specified.  You can demand to see and read the warrant before allowing the police, state inspector, or even federal inspector access to your private property.

2)      Even with nothing to hide, don’t talk to them.  They are trained to trap you into giving them “probable cause.”  Be a member of Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, then, if something ever happens, call them and let the official talk to your lawyer.

3)      Local level officials, in particular,seem to like to make you jump through hoops subjectively.  Demand that they produce a written ordinance, law, or rule to back up what they are demanding you do.  We’ve experienced that more often than not, they can’t back up their demands and their threats “if you don’t comply” are empty.

Lastly, we are in an election cycle this year.  TALK to the people who want your vote.  Ask them about the Constitution.  In our primary, there is one candidate who can reference the Constitution when talking about how he’d vote on issues.  There is another one who talked about how a person’s stance depends on one’s “interpretation” of the Constitution.  This lawmaker also has a record of not voting for the people but rather for his party.  The third candidate didn’t care what we thought and has simply thrown lots of money at negative ads and has a history of lining his business’ pockets at the expense of taxpayers.  You pick.  Ask hard questions and line up the answers in light of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  This applies across party lines, because neither party likes these hard questions.  As Sheriff Mack said, see if the candidate who wants to represent YOU can say “Constitution” without blinking.

By the way, the pork was fabulous, the turkey (from what the boys raised for sale last year) was great, and the salads filled in the gaps.  Many thanks to Tammy Hyatt and her crew for helping us with the food!


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